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Chakra Journey is a 3.5 days retreat animated by Beant Devi Kaur and Joyleen Rao at the spiritual center of Taos on the Island of Paros.


The word ‘Kundalini’ literally means the ‘curl of the beloved’. It corresponds to the energy of consciousness in us, which lies coiled three-and-a-half times as a snake at the base of the spine. Kundalini is the cosmic energy in the individual self, it is the creative potential, the Divine within. Using the techniques of Kundalini Yoga we will take you on a journey along the chakras, our energetic centers and into an experience of deap connection to your Inner Self, your Truth Within and your Infinite Potential.


After the practice of Kundalini Yoga, Deep Meditation & Mantra Recitation, your chakras are open, receptive and this is when the sound vibration of the Tibetan bowls is deeply healing. The Om Bowl, for example, takes us back to the Origin of Creation and connects us directly to the Source. A Sound Healing journey can take one far beyond and deep within. It stills the mind, releases tension, stimulates the glandular system and the circulation. Experiencing a Sound Healing can bring up emotions to the surface and help to let go of old memories stuck in your subconscious. Participants will be supported and held throughout this process.


The retreat schedule includes morning and evening sessions of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, movement meditation and sound healing, each of the seven sessions is dedicated to a chakra. We will start with a grounding movement & meditation and ascend to the higher energy centers guiding gently the participants to embrace their True Self. The retreat will close with a Lotus of Thousand Petals ceremony.


Beant Devi (Kundalini Yoga) & Joyleen Rao (Sound Healing) have been working closely together since last year to build up the energy and make this retreat happening in the most authentic and powerful way sharing weekly kundalini yoga classes, sound journeys and holding monthly Sadhana’s with Live Music.


The Retreat will take place on the magical Greek island PAROS. Located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Paros Island is a refuge of peace. Whitewashed houses, paved streets, blue-domed churches, wild beaches, kite-surfing, donkey rides, Valley of Butterflies, savorous traditional cuisine, and much more will make your discovery of the island a journey in itself.


TAO'S Center is a vibrant space for meditation, yoga and wellness, which has been a magnet for spiritual seekers since it opened doors on the beautiful island of Paros more than 15 years ago. In addition to the two meditation halls and the roof top terrace reserved for sunset yoga, Tao's has an authentic Thai restaurant, which will provide vegan brunches and dinner to retreat participants. To get a taste, watch this video:


CHAKRA JOURNEY RETREAT is offered in a package that includes workshop, meals and 4-night accommodation in family hotels, in the near-by village of Ambelas, starting from 455€.


For more details about the workshop, packages prices and registration, contact:

Beant Devi:

Joyleen Rao:

+41 76 794 10 80 & +41 78 921 94 52


More about us:


More information and how to get to Paros and Tao's:

Looking forward to share this journey together with you !

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