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  • Takes us into deep relaxation and tranquility

  • Relieves from pain, hyperactivity and insomania

  • Helps us clarify the mind and to untangle situations

  • Eases anxieties and depression 

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Harmonizes our body cells and energy channels

  • Favors meditation and visions

  • Helps us to reach our natural state of joy and bliss

  • Balances the chakras (energy centers of our body)

  • Promotes love and compassion feelings

  • Helps the spiritual growth

  • Removes the old patterns and makes space for new ones

  • Accelerates the process of manifestation of intentions as the sound helps you communicating with your subconscious mind


Between a cosmic journey and a descent into the oceanic abysses, deep blue, an exceptional experience that took me to the essence of all, the sound, the verb, the beauty, Nilou.


From the beginning I felt relaxed and transported to the deepness of my soul. A sublime healing rocking in beautiful vibrations. Great gratitude for this quality healing, Angela.


The most beautiful powerful sound of the tibetan singing bowls and sound of Joy !

C’est fantastique, what a journey, thank you sister, you played to me and the singing bowl became my voice. So special to share this here with you. Thank you sister, Namaste, Nat.


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