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A journey to Sound and Movement


The name I was given by my parents when I was born is truely Joyleen.

« Joy » for bliss, ananda, a pure state of happiness and « leen » as in the sanskrit word lin'i, the channel.

When I met my Sound Master at the age of 33 my name took its whole meaning and I’m so grateful to my parents for being so in tune with my divine path.

Originary from Poland, Spain and India, I was incarnated in Switzerland and grew between the 2 French speaking cantons of Vaud and Geneva.

Understanding myself and others, searching for answers in Life, learning about the human experience has always been my drive. I first approched it through my studies in Sciences of Education, then through Shiatsu and the chinese medicine, then through Astrology and finally through yoga and the universe of sound. And the greatest gift I received along the way was to meet my spiritual guide who entlightens my path with his teachings of simplicity, compassion and universal knowledge.

Surrounded by the mountains of Himalaya, in the old city of Kathmandu, my Sound Master Chaitanyashree taught me the very ancient technique of the singing bowl healing and opened the doors for me to meet his Guru. Until today Guru Premangee is guiding me through deep transformations. 


This is my journey, a journey inside myself and towards the others, along with sound, vibrations, pure love, unity with the Source, patience, devotion and trust.

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