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The sound of the the singing bowls is a nurishment for our body and soul. The frequencies will enter in resonance with our cells and restore their harmonious vibration in a process of purification. The vibration will cleanse our body from the unwanted energy.


How is the first sound healing session ?


Before we start you will receive a short introduction about the sound healing and we'll take the time to set an intention for the healing. Then you will lie down on your back and close your eyes. I will cover you with a blanket and the inner journey will begin.


During the healing you will mainly feel the singing bowls and my voice that will guide you through your journey. Sometimes other instruments may be appearing regarding the need and the flow of the moment.


After the session we will take time to share. If you wish we could speak about the balancing of your chakras. You can then decide if you wish to come back and work deeply on your chakras. Sometimes another session is needed to let go of the mind or to open yourself to the benefits of this practice. You can go deeply into your own understanding while choosing to work on each of your chakras. This is called the 7 chakras healing and is made through 7 sessions at the pace that we can could choose together.


How long does the healing last ?


One healing session lasts about 75 minutes but the effects can last many days after the healing. 


What kind of healings can I experiment and how much does it cost ?


  • Individual session (about 1h15) : 120 CHF 

    • 7 chakras healing (7 sessions) : 700 CHF 


  • Couple healing of about 1 hour : 150 CHF


  • Group healing of about 1 hour (starting from 3 people) : 40 CHF per person


Money shouldn’t be a barrier for healing, so please let me know if you need an arrangement.


Where can I receive a healing ?


My practice is happening in the Shanti Club, rue des Grottes 28 in Geneva and I'm also happy to travel if you wish to organize a sound session in your home. My love for Italy and Puglia brings me sometimes overthere where I organise regularly retreats.

Please check my event page or email me for further informations.

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